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Originally Posted by Dewz View Post
Well as I see it being a spamable skill is very helpful. Especially when it's your guild of nubs against a bunch of +12 guys at an event. I personally think its as it should be..... a good water skill.
But those +12's have either spent a lot of time working those gears up or they have spent a lot of money to do so (Well hopefully they did and are not botters and scammers) and in my opinion they do deserve what they have. Why should someone who has not worked half as hard as them even have a remote chance at competing with them? My gears are not the best but I have spent a lot of time leveling my character and a lot of money buying gears so when I face a king full +12 and actually do 5k or more damage it makes me proud to know I worked my guy up to even be able to achieve that and I do not need someone elses skills to do so.
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Why do people revive dead threads that are obviously not going to be approved by any majority. If it was something with mostly positive feedback fine, but when you revive a thread that was anything less than 50/50 on the positive/negative feedback you are just making yourself look sad because YOU don't like something and are trying to get it changed to your advantage.

I've said it once, I'll say it again, until all the other skills are changed, no to changing azure shield. Maybe raise the fix level, but thats it. And to Matt, your a trojan. I realise that your post was months ago, but trojans have the lowest magic defense, even assuming you are wearing ears that only gives you 79% magic defense. If a tao has even 20% penetration with 130 gears he'll hit you for 2k.

Contrary to popular believe, Penetration is additive, not multiplicitive. If you have 100% magic defense and the tao has 50% penetration, it will subtract 50% magic defense to 50%. As opposed to the believe that your 100% will be multiplied by .5. I realise that with this example it has the same outcome, but for any other number its not. As a Pure Monk with taoist gears and a shield, you can get up to 138% magic defense without using the taoist souls(Waterflow and Azure Hat) If the tao has 52% penetration you will be taken down to 86%(About the same as an archers if they wear archer headgear) It will NOT take that 138% and multiply it by 0.48 which is what most people think happens.

When herc is down to 50%, TFB is 120%, RP is 90%, WWK is 30%, Penetration maxes at 40%, HP is removed from shields, XP shield is taken down to 2x, Skills are implemented for every class to be able to take down a flying archer(bp based obviously,) removing XP shield from non-melee classes, than we can talk about waters azure shield being overpowered.

I would say implement a 10 second cooldown. If you are as strong or as good as you say, you should be able to take down their shield and kill them, or at least damage them(in arena) before they get that 10 seconds to recast it. No more winning by points unless they have the gear to backup the shield. Change the level requirements, bam. No more complaints.

Lvl 1 = 70
Lvl 2 = 90
Lvl 3 = 110
Lvl 4 = 120
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