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Heya, this is offer for ma server for all who would like to bless something :-) I can make bless for u for 2 DBs Whisper me in-game or PM here

If you cant trust me, dont even whisper me, i wount give u account, thats ilegal, ma noobs are merchants so i can trade gear back easy and fast.

If you dont like this, you can bite my body part i use to sit on ...

Some gears are more expensive o bless (for ex. Mount Armors, depends on Phase)

If you are jealous, dont blame me falsely from botting, just log on and watch me, make videos, reports, all what you wish :P

Botter ?
No i dont bot, report me check me do what you want i lvl myself

Scammer ?
No, i dont change name and i have clear reputation.

Joke ?
No, its not joke.

Can you make for me 120 acc and gimme ?
No, trading acounts is ilegal.

130 - 130 - 133 Trojan - Warior - Ninja
allready 9-times reincarnated lol ..


130 - 130 - xxx Monk - Monk - Monk
lvls now not perm xD lets reinc xD ..

Elements(EU) - Dark || Czech republick || "BlessingArtisan" xD || UltraKiller xD || GameTester

Do you know what is worse then drugs and gambling ? TQ's Conquer Online - try for free, start spending some money to try get more fun but then be fcked up or pay hardcore for win ...

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