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Default suggestions for some Items and services

dear all
in to topic directly
1- Super Met Scrolls Unpacking :
currently : if we have 20 SMS and we right click on it we get 19 SMS+ 10 Met scrolls
what we need : when we right click we get 19 SMS+ 1 SMS why ?
1- we save space in inventory
2- we may need to sell only 1 SMS instead of selling 10 Met scrolls !!

2- Praying Stone : bring it to life again by adding the following features :
a. add (x)% for PH Attack , M attack ,PH Defense, M Defense as following :
Small Praying Stone we get 2%, med PS we get 4, Large PS we get 6 %, and give us the option to utilize these (x) % to one or more of what I mentioned above !!
b. add extra flower to it
c. During Guild war add like 2k PH /M Defense skill last for 30 minutes and 30 minutes cool down after the skill disappears ( we can use it once per hour ) . this skill take place only in guild arena and the player wont lose the skill if killed !!
Since we are VIP allow us To directly :
1- pack DBs, Meteors , Meteors scrolls , +1,+2+3 stones, gems ... etc
members also can suggest extra features here and we will add them to the list
3- CP (B) allow us to :
1- pay these cps to complete quest
2- buy study points (bound)!!!

4- lvl 120 Club : the size and the visual effect is horrible. when a Trojan wears a club and a blade its not matching , blade is big in size while club is small in size !!

members also can suggest extra features here and we will add them to the list
good luck and happy playing
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