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Default yay if you pay to get crap instead of game loss

fuck tq... all we get are bots and please pay to make up for tq's fuckups..sure tq is sorry just pay here and spend cps to make tq feel better for their selling our accounts to spamware companies,..see the new tq install..these have no value except to tq for selling our accounts to spamware companies we would not have log in issues if tq wasn't selling our accounts to spamware's like smoochface..please reinstall...and accept the new spamware products tq is selling your accounts to.. these spamware companies.if they stopped botiing TQ could be a profitable company
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Other Account: gamalgamal955
Game Server: Libra/Capricorn/Fury/Ryee
Email contact :
case number X6004
my problem
i have send to GM and i don't get any answer and i am contact Help Desk , all answer me the GM Will reply to all your message , i am very afraid because i have good items stay with my account , i have good items i don't need to scam or steal any players and this baby will never used fake link programs if he used it why GM Not at moment not reply to my message please this baby can't changed your Passwords , and all the time helping them to changed all account info, what can i do for helping my small brother please ????
i file hack case from web site and used good account VIP To GM Know this baby have good account and we don't need to scam and hack any players , i hope to find any deal of this problem and we should get ban for 12 days not for 6 month, i have long time my account has been banned , i am very sad the GM not reply to me i have send more and more message to HC , i need your help, i lost more and more item's and GM Not back it , today please i am beg you help me to kick unbanned my other account id: gamalgamal955 , i hope to help me , long time not open my account long time i am not see it please do anything just ask GM HC Reply to me ,
Thanks so much for your help me ,
Thanks for understanding..
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