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I agree with these rules and will try my best to enforce them.

As many have seen on the threads, I do try to stay un-bias and even if I am against something, can be persuaded to see the other side of stuff =p

Having fun ftw =p
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Okay, so this isn't official, but if Mephisto decides to sticky it, then that'd be great

Rule #1: Please look around first to see if there are any suggestions similar to that which you plan to suggest. Although the search function may not always work, at least checking the first 4-5 pages of the suggestions probably won't kill you before you make a new thread.

Rule #2: Please try to stay on topic

Rule #3: Please refrain from using biases, or 'angry words' suggestions. this includes ranting and raving. Biased suggestions are likely to be bypassed and ranting/raving tends to overshadow the actual suggestion itself.

Rule #4: Please keep the flaming to a minimum. Everyone here has different experiences while playing Conquer Online. Their server may have an entirely different structure from yours. Therefore, just because you don't like the suggestion, doesn't mean it isn't a valid suggestion.

Rule #5: Please do not post an suggestions regarding IP banning, or IP tracking. The way LAN networks operate, anyone connected on the same LAN will have the same IP. Yes, I know the internal IP will be different, but that is addressed by the internal router and is not made available to the public, therefore, TQ is only able to operate utilizing their Gateway IP.

Rule #6: Please try to keep strong language to a minimum. There ARE children that can access these forums. You don't have to be a VIP to read them, only to post in them.

Rule #7: The most important rule - Have fun! Remember, this is just a game, there's no sense in getting all bent out of shape over it. If you can't have fun playing the game, then you are probably in the wrong game anyway!

Just a quick update to put some rules here from the main site that also apply here.

Re-Editing a Mod's edit is not allowed. There is a specific reason why your post, signature or avatar was edited, and ignoring that Moderator’s warnings will result in a ban.
All other trading or transfers, including, but not limited to, trading of Account ID, Account Names, and all out-of-game transfers, are strictly prohibited as stated within TQ's Term of Service. Any forms of trading an account will lead to the immediate ban of the account without warning. Trading of game items or in game money between Players on the same server is permitted. ANY AND ALL PROHIBITED CONDUCT MAY RESULT IN IMMEDIATE TERMINATION OF THE ACCOUNTS INVOLVED IN SUCH TRADING.
Items for Real-Life Money, DB codes, or similar on another server (inter-server trades of accounts) is not allowed. Failing to comply with this rule will result in your account being banned. Selling Accounts, by any means, will result in your account being banned. It should be noted that account trading and purchasing will be taken seriously and any mentions in signature, post, threads, location and other public means of a desire to purchase or sell an account if/when brought to the attention of a Moderator, will result in an immediate banning of your account.
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i have more account with all server but i loss more item's about more time GM helping me and back almost my gears but at this years Hackers are now relying access to devices via FB so I advise all not received images or trample liked because I finally discovered by entering the device from this road I hope that you all get me
i have Trojan -Monky - Ninja - Fire - Archer - Pirate
Trojan Full gear's +12 but i lost it
Monky Full +8 and i lost it
Fire Full +8 / +12 and I lost it
Ninja full +8 /+12 and i lost it but i think i can back it
Archer full +7 /+8 And Not lost it it's with me
my Pirate full +8 /+12 and i stay play
i hope All Care about and understand what I claimed to you what is feeling in losing items and you have done so in the years to know that you can understand that, but unfortunately, Lisse labor have any presence since the hackers took advantage of those gaps in the game and thanks
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HI GMS AND Moderators i have i wonder if there are alternate jobs for other char like archer to assassin ??? my mind keep on playing this what if warriors have alternate jobs?? example warrior= SAMURAI must be a pure warrior can equips 2 any weapon new skill= special skills weapon stab XXX this skill allows the warrior to throw his weapon spear/wand/pole axe etc... SAMURAI protector of modern dynasty i don't know the other ideas how to explain it but its crazy ^^
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