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Default Related to the poll on visual confirmation

Ok so I am all up for less botters. However I see this is gonna be a problem for a few simple reasons. the random pop up for horse race is bad enough during a superman. Soo what is being implied is that a few thousand kills into mah superman I have to stop, enter my validation ( wasteing my superman time). and/or hope to god it dont pop up mistimed and get a random click and lock me out as a legit player.

Instead of instituting new "visual confirmation". get a few gms to actually hit up the servers from time to time WITHOUT haveing to be called in. I do understand the populace of the game, and how hard it would be to request someone to actually hang out on a server. However thus far ( yes I know someone of my level shouldn't have this complaint... but god being a tank gets old quick) by attempts to remove botters, TQ removed secondary map mobs. I dont really see how this was fair to the "fair player". Basiclly tq says, " The server is crowded, so to fix the bot problem we will limit your leveling areas"

This is as silly as fixing the "color weapon" option many requested, with dragon souls..
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you've got a point mate, that the main reason why image confirmation is not a good idea.. it disrupts your skills or while your doing exp skill and that affects gameplay a lot..and what about the char what goes AFK for mentor exp or mentor gain,so we get to be locked down for being afk then..this idea is worst, coz i have played other online games with image verification in the past and i tell you its very annoying... hope the other player gets this..
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TQ just needs to pause the game and give players an extension on XP skill time to compensate for restart. Just that.

Yeah, send all bots to burning lammers hell!
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