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Default 2 soc ring debate

ok heres my debate.. what do you think would be cheaper..

buying an elite 1 socket and making it two socket (with tough drills etc).. (then make it super)


Metting a normal ring making it 2 socket.. (spamming mets obv) (obviously u have to super it)

and a follow question what do you think is cheaper.

metting a 1 sock or buying one.

Current prices for an elite 1 sock on my server is 645 cps (i think its way over priced should be more like 215 cps.. but meh).

Reason im asking opinions is i have been tyring to buy one made and the only offer i got was a super 2 sock ring -1 +7 for like 10k cps.. but i wont an atack ring. lol ...
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