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H3llGrind3r Ordinary Player -- showing a lot of promise

cbf typing, this sums it up though, oh and also im 87 pct to lvl 138.

full -7...what else am i missing...oh and full p9 sub classes.
p.s my necky looks like its lvl 7...but its not lmao ,its just the dragon soul i put over it, still trying to find a better DS for my necky.
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Khev Ordinary Player -- showing a lot of promise

Here's mine:

Nobility: Baron
Main Gear:
Super +6 -3 SDG/SDG 120 Armor
Super +5 SDG/SDG 130 Permed Moonhammer Club
Super +5 SDG/SDG 130 Permed RadiantSword Blade
Super +5 -1 SDG/SDG 97 Earrs
Super +5 -1 SDG/SDG 97 Necky
Super +5 -1 SDG 100 Permed Glaze Ring
Super +5 -1 SDG 100 Boots
Super +5 -1 SGG/SGG 100 Tower
Super +5 -1 RTG/RTG 100 Fan
+5 Nightmare
-1 Miraculous Gourd

Alt Gear:
Super +5 SDG/SDG 131 Sword
Super +5 SDG/SDG 130 Dagger


Moon/Vio gear.
Dreams - Honor/Justice
131-132-140 Water-Warrior-Trojan

Fixed: Phoenix, Celestial, Seizer , and Penetration.

Fixed Proficiencies: Club, Blade, Dagger, Scepter, Sword, Hook, Axe, Whip, Hammer.

A skill is only as good as the person using it.
The above statement in TQ games is False.

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Kenneth Ordinary Player -- showing a lot of promise

Class: annoying first reborn archer lolz
7.8K hp

Super Coat +6 2 soc sdg p6 whirlpool permed
Super Bow lvl 133 +7 2 soc sdg P4 permed
Super Hat +8 2 soc sdg P3 permed
Super ring +5 1 soc sdg P3 permed
Super Tallies Both +6 2 soc super gem -1 dmg
Super Boots 1 soc sdg lvl +5 -3 dmg
Super Necklace 1 soc sdg

Will max out the lvls on the items once I second reborn im currently lvl 133 and 87%
Words are just dust in the wind.

Having gears is one thing. Having skills is another.
Having both and not abusing them is true power.
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