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Default Special Treat from the CO Team

I have an issue with these packs. Why in the hell would I spend real cps on bound shit? And why can't I spend bound cps? This is just stupid.

Some players have been asking about the strange packs they received after being killed in-game. Well, we're glad to introduce these 2 special afterlife packs, the Revenant Pack and Nirvana Pack!

Every player will receive these 2 packs one time, after getting killed in the game! You can open the Revenant Pack without charge, which will offer a Praying Stone(S)(B), Meteor Scroll(B), Life Potionx10(B), +1 Stone(B), +1 Steed(B) and Double EXP Potion(B)! The Nirvana Pack is different, in that it requires 499 CPs to open it, giving access to some very special items! You'll receive such great things as a +2 Stone(B), Meteor Scroll(B) x10, 1,000,000 Silvers, a Praying Stone(M)(B), +2 Steed(B), a Bound Super weapon, CraftScroll(B), and a Super Gem(B), all at 20% of the standard market price!

Sometimes, even dying can prove to be a blessing in disguise! Check out these great new packs, today!
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