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Originally Posted by Tommit View Post
However wile we sit back and wait for them to get it dealt with nothing is happening and our enjoyment is being ruined. I have hears that TQ staff can't work around the clock, we jailed them but they are back, we lost the IP trace...meanwhile it's us who cant do daily's us who can't play due to sky rocketing ping, it is us that truly suffer. That's why player mods will work, everywhere bots exist a player mod can get them out of there.

Now you mention the flaws to P-mods and how you see it in other games, but I am an avid gamer as well and have seen the system work flawlessly in other games. Sometimes selecting a good P-mod can truly help make a game more enjoyable. Sure there might be a few bad eggs, but there are those of us more than willing to help without any intentions of becoming power hungry.

Banning IP's and proxies...there are ups and downs to this, one what happens in a shared area such as college campuses, internet cafes, libraries or other places where more than one person might access Conquer? Then what about changing IP's? Just never liked this idea, don't believe in making other suffer from one bad egg.

PS: Find a player willing to P-mod for free strictly voluntarily and you might find someone who's heart is in the right place and only wants to better the game not in it for personal gain.
All well and good until you're jailed for no reason. Maybe you've been lucky enough to not have this happen to you, but it has to me. This is with paid GMs. Was not fun trying to get it fixed. I've seen enough idiot players ranting about everyone that beats them botting to know what player GM's would be like. I've been on games where admin liked me and games where admin hated me. In both cases there was massive corruption. Let's say you don't care about that. What happens when those "few bad eggs" now know exactly how to cheat without getting caught and tell everyone else?

The game is free after all. Paying for an internet connection in order to play isn't going to kill anyone. I'd like to see you try and install a game on a Library cpu btw.
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