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箭头 Who here has quited Co? After so many changes?

I have been playing Conquer Online since year 2005.
-The era before BP and Lottery was even put into the game.
-Tombbat Cave/Tao Cave ERA

My char is DX22
Server: Venus not Mars
This game was do able until server transfers.
-It completely destory the price of gears
-Unique server wars by guilds. Heck it was fun knowing enemies in the game. Giving them titles and sorts. Who was annoy, who was badass, etc

Hell. I even bulked a few times to keep up with the +12s bulkers on my server ninja-pir release. My gears are completely junk with the server transfer with gears. +6s 2 soc super isn't gonna compare to a +12 cheap server transferred.

LOL. Why even bulk now the game is junk now. This game used to be my life playing it almost 24-7 with players online. Now its just boring, my gears i bought is worthless, bulked in about around 2k and got nothing to show for it lol.

LOL i love how it says free to play but to kill anyone you hate in the game you'd have to bulk up. Funny they announced CO. 3.0 to come out like January but look more than everyone quit.

Thanks TQ. Ruining the game even more with stuff. Even bulking doesn't even make this game any good anymore. Server Lag. Reporting Aimbots is hard as hell. North America FPS capped at 40 seriously why is there even a capped. Laggy pirate stabs. LOL reminds me how i bulked up for pir gears then nerf the first week LOL and ass. char dont even had a nerf at all nice.

Thanks for the server TRANSFER, you can go to hell. Wasted 2k and then bam this crap making bulkers worthless. Just go to hell man.

-LOL btw gotta love the tq help desk. LOL I got scammed all my gears from another person. They didnt even get it back. They have ip tracer by then and couldn't even tell that from another country i got logged in and hacked.
LOL shit. Most worthless help desk ever. Lost 1.2 dollars worth of gears that day. All they said was oh they are your friend. My friend my ass: why they steal all my gears and sold it then stupid -_-.

TQ lets you scam everyone gears and u can keep it if they buy it off ur market seller. LOL funny right cuz u can sell the scammed gear for 1 cps and bam its forever urs LOL. The guys sold mines for more but you can get it that Tq doesn't help out problems at all. Screen shots, etc they dont believe nothing. IP address they dont even look it up. Their worthless GM or whatever u can call them. Random bans also lol banned my friend one day for winning +8s on his char LOL.

To my scammer: Worm, WidowMaker
-Eat a dick fuker. Being friendly with my lil cousin then scammed it all. F*kin asshole. Shit whoever knows you, fuk them too -_-

To my friends:
Meg: THX MAN.Shekinah: Thank for being cool. Tausug: thx for being nice. Zima: Thx im sure u quited. The rest that know me. Hell. Thanks for giving me a good time.

Leave your story below be nice to read stories of other players.
BTW if you gonna say I suck or anything by all MEAN GO AHEAD cuz i bet ur still playing and yep im sure ur still a douche in the game also.

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