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Default ninja epic weapon usless

Hi i just wanted to know whats up with the ninja epic weapon. Puting aside the fact it looks pretty awesome i don't know any serious ninja that uses a scythe i mean Are main skill is two fold blades.

So maybe the new epic skill will be really good and maybe it will be better then two fold blades but still to make an epic weapon outta the one weapon ninjas don't use is ridiculous. I mean ive seen more ninjas using hammers and clubs then scythe (back in the first days of ninjas people used this combo alot) and i personally feel like once again ninjas are gonna get screwed.

I bet alot of people arnt even gonna bother getting the epic weapon because they would rather use katanas . Because even with the extra 400 atk epics give u a katanas will still have more. I vote ninjas get epics last and they make katana epics instead other wise it would be like we get no epics at all.

leave your thoughts on the weapons below =)
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i guess TQ is going to make epix weapon for both scythe and katanas... not 100 pct sure but still...

if they does it... it means more money for them so i think they will add it
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