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Default Foreign Players & Localized Servers

TQ is currently running a brazilian Conquest server and selling cards here!
Is there such a thing in Egypt too?

Even so, idk why there are *many* countrymates playing in US servers.
Including this yours, of course. Maybe 'cause the brazilian, portuguese and
angolan people language is the same. Note: Angola has native languages but
oficial is Portugal's.

Or maybe 'cuz its fun to harass ppl. Even me, a fellow countrymate.
I started when there're just US servers and the chinese Conquest ones.
And by my writing, you can see why I stayed, need improvement.
Not to mention I can't stand those kids, no.

Btw, do you know TQ is selling cards here in Brazil cheaper than USA ? Like a 5% discount. Dunno if I can use this, I prefer the Paypal/Credi method.

Our 2050CP card costs BRL$54.99, thats US$28.52 vs $29.99 international.

I know you guys will say F* 5% but I buyed little DBs (VIP1), thats $6 dollar
save. For you big time buyers, it may be $1000 -5% = 50 bucks!
And for the God-like VIP7 guys, its $350.
You get ONE bulk for a motorcycle-worth of purchase history.

Nah, I would ask for a private VIP server for that sort of money!

Also (hold onto your chairs, children)... They're polling the buyers on

Transfering chars to a server located in Brazil!

So very soon you could see a Amazon_BR in the login screen!!!!!!!! X0
Lol, no, but you can soon see no more brs...
Lol, no, that won't happen.
Only 25 answered that poll and just 20 liked the idea.
And none of the hundreds of non-buyers answered the idea.

What do you think?

PS: Please don't quote my post, its huge! No flooding pls ;/
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