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Default BUG on Assassin

Did anyone already reported this on TQ?
About assassin who can fly...
How do they do this?

1st : They switch back on being archer
We all know that only archer's can use FLY SKILL... So why assassin can also use this one?
2nd : Use FLY SKILL when your archer
If they use FLY SKILL when they are archer. Then switching back on being assassin... FLY SKILL should be disabled or ... If they FLY when they are archer PATH of SHADOW should be disabled when they're FLYING.
3rd : Switch back on using 2 Knife then use Path of Shadow
That how assassin can use FLY at the same time.

TQ should disable the skill Path of Shadow if archers are using FLY SKILL.
It's a suggestion at the same time reporting that kind of bug for Archer/Assassin.
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