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servers are rigged with egy planted cheats new achievement rewards ya right another egy staged scam kill 5 bosses what fu^$#%^2 bosses in diety no f^%$#6 way egy flooded fQ$^#$%&^#$5 cheaters win a f23&%$%^&$ cp not in this rigged a^& game. payed for weekly and monthly cards first day prize ok the rest of the month bright stars try to do any quest for this new crap never gonna happen every egy and there cheating f$%3 buddies flood the servers all day broadcast selling impossible things. 15years and 10 thousand dollars and i cant get a f&^#$%^ thing no real vips here scam a^s bull then every thing they add a scam relics dont worry pay through the nose and they just drop everything either disappears or turns into a fu*(^7 chill pill US server my f^#56 A&(
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