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警告 A True Evidence of How TQ Only Cares About VIP7 Accounts And Money

Hey Guys

This Thread Will Let You Know How TQ Cares Only About Money And How Much Is Your VIP Lvl

If You Are VIP 6 -7 You Are In A Safe Zone Rest Will Be Always Victims For VIP 7 Accounts

This is The Full Story My Account Name is ^|^Mardo^|^ A Water Taoist +12's At Fire Server and
i Have Only A VIP 4 ( Warning not in A safe Zone Yet ) And My Friend Diane Have An Account her
Account Name is ReiXuan A +12 P7 -7 Water Taoist
VIP lvl 7 And A Heavy Bulker ( In The Safe Zone And She Have A new Trading System Once she dislike the trade she can get back her cps and you take back your items )

She Asked Me To Trade her My +12 BAG Perm P3 -7 Since she had A Necky and she Thought
that P7 Souls Bag gives more Defense than Necky
i told her my price is 21500 cp to sell My bag
and she accepted it and we traded the bag for the cps
everything was alright till yesterday i didn't opened My Account Because I was Busy At My Work
and seem like she didn't liked The Deal and discovered that bag Didn't gave more defense than necky
then after 2 days i logged my account to find that GM Carina Decided to took the cps back from me to
Diane Aka ReiXuan .
And The Reason is ( Over Price Item ) and cheating people's
And Put The Bag In The Item Return icon
And Since I am Not A VIP 7 Player I can't do anything
What i want to Say is this a Fair Game Play is this A free to Play Game ?
Is This The Rules Of Trading in Conquer ? If I Traded cps for an Item And I Feel Like i Don't Need it
I Can Get Back My Cps And The Other Person Get Back His Items
( Or This Setting For Vip's7 Players Only )

Whatever i know i may Get Banned for this Thread But I really Don't Care After this ......

The Photo Proves The Whole Story

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The truth is this is my fault. Call me dumb or naïve but this all started because I trusted Mardo without doubt. Because I believed everything Mardo told me without question. Because I saw Mardo as a friend.

This wasn’t in a market setting as he chose to omit. I was talking to Mardo and casually mentioned that I found it weird bags give more defence than neckys. Mardo, despite knowing the facts that this wasn’t the case, saw an opportunity to make a quick buck as his greed took over.

He started talking about how superior magic waters were and that he could sell me his +12 bag at the market price of 21500 cps. At any point in time from this conversation to the time we did the exchange, which was almost a week later or so, I did not see the need to double check what he said mainly because I trusted him. I never tried to bargain down the price he quoted because if he, being a friend, told me that was the market price. I believed.
While Mardo did not outright claim that neckys had more defence, he omitted the facts to me knowing that the premise of me buying that bag in the first place was for more defence as I mentioned in my conversation to him. He wasn’t even selling his bag in the market. If he really saw me as his friend as he claims, why would he not say anything about the defence?

The day after I got the bag from him, I decided to upgrade its soul and enchant the bag to 250+. . I bought around 35 SDGs which I threw in to up the HP value. As no one was selling bag souls, I used the yellow stone in market, paid 370cps x4, before I got the equipment pack. After doing up the p7 soul (temp), I compared it to my necky and found that the total defence and HP was much less than my necky.

I wanted answers to why he knew but didn’t say. Left him messages which were not replied. I logged several times throughout the day checking if he was online but he wasn’t. So I spoke to the GM the day after.

The GM reversed the trade only on the premise that I accepted all monetary losses (Enchant + p7 soul), and that Mardo bore no loss in the reversal of the trade. He in fact enjoyed a gain as his bag was now upgraded for free. It is highly unfair for Mardo to insist that it was my VIP status that this trade was undone and that the GM were biased towards VIPs. If Mardo were to suffer a real loss, the GM would not have reversed the trade.

Mardo, if you were me and someone you trusted as a friend did this to you, what actions would you have taken? The fact is you can’t claim that you got the short end of the stick because the only person who walked out of the trade with a loss… is me. You gained a better bag while I lost what I paid for in upgrading your bag. What are you upset about really? That your get-rich-quick plan to deceive your “friend” failed?

You make so much noise in ally chat and BC but you failed to tell everyone everything. Next time, when you want to tell a story, be fair and tell it straight. Don’t just play up the parts that make you look so victimised. In the ally chat logs which I read, not once did you tell anyone your bag was upgraded and that you didn’t lose anything. In fact you even admitted you overcharged me and that it was my fault for not checking. If this is the way you treat the people you call “friends”, I wonder what you would do to your enemy. But thanks to you, I also managed to filter out who the people who pretended to be nice to me before are.

Mardo… It’s just not possible for you to be the victim when you are the only one walking out of this with a gain.

I will not be replying to anymore posts that come after this. I hate drama. I am just a quiet player. I prefer flowers and garments more than fighting and above all, I treasure my friends. At least until they prove otherwise…
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i wanna Add 2 important Points

1st :- I Didn't mentioned You Are Bad Person And BTW if you just waited for me to log i was going to trade you Your Cps Back So in this Part you have nothing to say this thread is about how Carina GM Broke The Rules of this Game .

2nd :- The Second point if i am A Vip Lvl 4 Account And i buy an item from someone
with fair Price or even high price and i find that he cheated me can i get back my cps
Like You Did ? can anyone in this game do the same thing and this GM Carina Helps Him
In The Same Way She Helped You .

is actions like this is only for vip 7 accounts

and you act like i am a bad person
1st : i didn't force you to buy my bag and you put the cps and press okay this means you are okay with this trade and 21500 cp for +12 -7 perm bag is not an over pricing
also i never put p7 souls so i don't know if bag's with p7 souls give more defense or not .
2nd : i was going to trade you your cps back if you just hold your tickets till i get back

Honestly you Don't Have Anything to talk about here ReiXuan

And This Thread is About Breaking The Rules Of The Game By GM Carina
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Im with User738846478 (mardo)... its ur own fault that u chose to accept the trade... Carina the GM did wrong on here LOL! omg wow and wtf does GM knows about the over price? lol making it costs more than u just sold reixuan the bag... this prove that TQ staff knows nothing about the game

and everyone knows that necky has more def than a bag... omg omg...
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i didn´t read everything, so how about selling ur stuff on the market instead of going for a trade with her/him, would know what the GM´s would do if u sell it from ur carpet.


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Um for the record your wrong bro. Im Vip 7 on TWO accounts and i get $hit on just like you do. They tell me email this and email that. never get a reply.
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