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Default [Official] How to change your forum nickname

Here is a list of instructions to change your nickname:

1. Go to the following link:
Private Message to Mephisto HERE

2. In this private message, ask Mephisto politely if he can change your nickname for you.

3. Suggest what you would like your nickname changed too. Make sure it's something you really want, as you can only have it changed once!

4. Be patient! Mephisto is a busy man! He will change it eventually.

5. Enjoy your new nickname and welcome to the forums!

Alternatively, post what you want your new nickname to be on here, and Mephisto might spot it - it will also stop his inbox from being overloaded.
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How to change your nickname

My Suggestions:
Conquer 3.0
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Guild Honorary Positions Tweak

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