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Nice to read about y'all so I guess I should reciprocate.

Name: Judy / Judith
Character Name: Twoflower (& others, including Jeanie1), mostly on the Dream server
Playing time: Since just after the start of CO 2.0
Ambition/Aims on the game: At least one decent character in every profession
Reason for playing: Friends and addiction
Best moment on CO: Hard to choose between...getting 2 db drops in an hour many years ago...winning team PK for the first time...winning enough CPs in the second lot of demon boxes to give more than a bulk away to friends
Worst moment on CO: A close friend I met through CO died
Something interesting about my real life self: I used to be in a band and played multiple instruments; I also used to make jewellery in silver and had my own hallmark.
Weatherwax on the main forum
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