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Default Just Chillin in Botjail

Whats up with the whole VIP has priority and crap..... after the massive botjail mistake TQ had, my account is STILL in botjail and i have had no luck speaking to anyone. is it against TQ rules to sit in a sales booth in market now? cause thats what i was doing at 4am when server screwed up. i get the same bull$*& from the GMS. "dont use bots" i didnt and i wont, now get me out of botjail like you did to the other 400 non db buyers. i play this game with my son, for bonding, not to be the best, im 34 years old and mailed in good money too you,,,,,,,paid your rent,,,,,,fed your family,,,,, all i ask is for 3 minutes of SOMEONES time to fix this. account +SnowFlake+ baby icey. hell i have pics. 1st pick 400+ people in botjail, last pick me and 3 idiots.
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Default use VIP link

up top of VIP forum is a link that states we have and report there. This got quick results for me through customer service.

My brothers accounts are still both in bot jail too.
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if i were you i would call the california offices, write emails to the service and feedback department, and talk to the help desk. they did this to me before on my accounts but when they saw that it was accident jail, they released me 3 weeks later. -_- I emailed them every day for that period, just took a while to get it done.
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