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Default Best PVP Class ? Pirate or ninja ?

Hi all

I made all pure classes but finally i'm really conf about the best pvp one .
The best once i had was fire tao and ninja .
But got a lot of friends say that pirate are better than ninja .
I havent defeated ever by a pirate "i'm pure ninja now" .
And every pirate i meet i cutted his head .
So is it true that pirate is better ? Why people say that if they cant kill me .

Plz dont tell me assassins because they are over powered and unbalanced class .

Thanks all
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It depends on your BP ofc.

If you are like <300 BP, don't even think about it, assassins currently own you easy.

For kings tho I would say monks are the great favourites for being the best pk class (too much tools/defense/offense) tho it's my personnal thought when I see the population of my server.

If ya purely want to talk about ninjas and pirates only, pirates are stronger, unless you are like a pirate/war/nin able to gale bomb people to at last do a twofold blades to one shoot someone. Maybe.

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