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So you go into Kun Lun and collect a bunch of stones, polish them, then get blue gem things, pink gem things, and lottery tickets (small takes 3 for one try or can use for the extra chance after you buy a chance). Well I went in during the special drop and collected a ton of them. Turned in a few blue ones for some Small praying stones (5 blues for 1 praying stone - 5 times) and guess what...after 5 I can no longer turn anymore in today and have to wait until tomorrow. So now I have tons of these things left and only got 5 Small praying stones and cant get the flourish packs or the exp ball. I cant even bank them so now i have almost a full inventory of these gem things and nowhere to hold them. This is retarded. Why have such a humongous drop if we can only turn in for 5 times in one day of any of the three??? Could have at least allowed us to trade in for 5 exp balls, 5 praying stones, and 5 flurish packs per day. These events just get worst and worst.
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