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The botting is lagging every server. Game is no fun. Stop adding new shit to the game if you can fix the old shit. Its simple, The problem is the botters have 2 internet connections. They bot from one computer and play legit on the other. So when you bann the botters IPs the main accounts IPs are safe. I (100%)know the mains and the sellers that bot on our server Celeb/BabyIcey. But you want proof. how about noob marketeers selling 10 +8 home made items? But what proof can i give if they have 2 net connections and change their ips hourly? The bot needs to simply be broken. The bots name is AGAIN CoGenoius.

Heres the page that provides it....

Here is where you pay to purchase it....

If TQ is to broke to buy the bot, i will BUY you the bot so you can PATCH it!

Since your programmers are apparently 6 years old you can send me a message if you need help TO STOP this bot
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