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生气 Server Transfer

So TQ finally finishes and releases server transfer claims as long as server been open for more the a year you can transfer into it and now come out and say celebrations is too new of group to transfer into to prevent balance upset. ok then answer this TQ why cant i transfer from celebrations lucky7 to celebrations kanasai or any other server in the same by your own logic as stupid as it may be i should be able to do this since all these servers have NO POWER and a transfer amoungst them wouldnt upset anything according to you that is tho we all know that is a joke haha you dumb fucks are fucking us players over that have a character on a different server that we want on one of these servers we payed good money for the gears on the other server that we may have grown tired of and now that gear goes to waste cuz tq wants to fuck us in the ass with no lube well to this i say boycott tq and refuse to buy any more dbs til they fix this bullshit

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