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Thanks for your love of our game and for your concern on this issue! As you know, to report cheaters or botters, you are told to record them and post them on the forum.

"I do not see this as a players job."

The reason is that our vidsters and me the GM are specializing in identifying what kind of hack or bot the reported players are using. Not all GMs are able to do it.

As a matter of fact, the most effective way to stop players using cheating program is to patch the client up to make it impossible to use those programs, which is what we've been doing.
We've released many patches to make it impossible to use certain hack programs, but there are always new hack programs. The battle between the makers of hack programs and our company will last for long.
Besides, we'd like to draw your attention to the way how botters or cheaters are punished.
You may refer to:

For all players to enjoy bot-free gameplay, your help is very much needed.
We highly appreciate your efforts in helping us improve our game!

"I have reported bots they got bot jailed and within minutes were back out botting."

Dear Player,

Hello! I can monitor the account but we need proof to botjail the player. Also, What server is this?

On Sat, Feb 9, 2013 at 12:56 PM, I wrote:

I wish to report Someone for using some kind of shackle hack, no I do not have proof other than I watched her shackle 3 people back to back but if you or someone else watches you will notice a lot of that going on shackling with no cool down.

Netdragon Websoft

yes I removed my name and the other players name but this is the reply I got when reporting a hacker to this GM it seems to me that TQ needs to hire more GMs or fire the ones they have and get some that will do there jobs rather than make excuses.

With the botting activities getting worse and affecting normal players who actually enjoy the game, TQ team has decided to bring out a tougher policy to clamp down on the bots/cheats in-game!

The main accounts of those who turn to bots or cheats in the game will only be given one chance to be let out of Botjail, while a maximum fine of 5000 CPs will be enforced. If caught again, the account will remain in Botjail forever, without the chance of being released.

Also there are some changes to the Mine Caves. The Miners can only mine up 1 Super Gem per 60 minutes, 1 Dragon Ball per 60 minutes, and 1 Permanent Stone per 120 minutes!

Do NOT come to ask for help when it’s too late, there will be no second chance! We caution all of you to stay away from these bot/cheat programs, and to play the game fairly!

TQed again as normal as always.

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