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难过 Vip 4 or 5+ should be able to freeze xp.

So as we all know, usually with more and more players comes more and more competition for certain level categories. 130+ is taken by mostly kings and full +12's of the like and the other categories can have a more competitive opportunity of winning. Unfortunately, the monotony of creating a character in certain categories has become even more tedious do to the constant xp forced upon my character through daily and event quests. These quests are essential for my characters growth due to their ability to generate + stones and bound cps. Now I have to add an extra tedious, also I feel unnecessary, task of taking off all my gear and turning red name to kill myself 20-30 times to lose my experience points.... Is this truly an intended feature of the gameplay or can we not take this ridiculous monotony out of the game by merely giving vip players the option to freeze their experience. It is also annoying that competing in the elite pk will then force my character out of the category he can play in competitively. Thanks for reading I do I hope you take kindly to my suggestion. <3
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 Ordinary Player -- showing a lot of promise

I agree strongly on this...for those who have spent money to obtain VIP of 4+ they should add a bonus skill for strictly VIP players to freeze their EXP at a certain point. I constantly seal with having to hide my low level characters from others, in fear of enlightenment, and neglect certain quest due to instantly added EXP. PLEASE consider this GM's! ^_^
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