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难过 Please help me, I tried a new form of payment and something went wrong

I am VIP 3 therefore I am an experienced purchaser. however, I used a new form of payment called WorldPay. I was using my sisters Visa card and made a $15.99 purchase. First of all it charged$16.47 to my sisters card which is whatever if it would have worked. I finished the process and it took me to a screen with a text saying (if you have started playing a different version of the game then click here) I believe is what it said. Something along those lines anyway. So I logged into my account on gem world, emerald and had no CPS to claim. I then went back to the site where the text was displayed and scrolled down and read something about it possibly taking up to 50 minutes to be credited to my account. So I waited about 3 hours and got nothing. I put in a ticket for Co support and am awaiting a response. I think it is possible that I made a mistake in selecting the right game or server to credit the money to. I just need to get this corrected and was told that the VIP forums are a more efficient way of taking care of game related issues and concerns. This all took place this morning so about 12 hours ago. Can someone please help me?

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