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Default I dont know why in my server are so few pirates....

Hi guys,
what about your server???
when monks came out a lot of players reincarnated as monk (more than 40 pct in my server).
I dunno why now (after 2 month) with pirates only 4-5 pirates above 280 BP are present in Freedom server.
maybe for gears expensives???
No doubt that Pirates are better than monk !! (ic that u can save 2 minute killing boss with monk but its all......)
wat-war-arch (1st 140 +12 assassin on light)
lev 140
376 BP
+12 super 2x STG fan -1
+12 super 2x SGG tower -1
+12 super 2 SDG bow -7 (perm P6 DS)
2x+12 super 2 SDG knives -7 (perm P6 DS)
+12 super 2 SDG -7% ring (perm P6 DS)
+12 super 2 SDG -7% armor (perm P6 DS)
+12 super 2 SDG -7% hat (perm P6 DS)
+12 super 2 SDG -7% necky (perm P6 DS)
+12 super 2 SDG -7% boots (perm P3 DS)
+12 super crop -1
+12 steed (zebra) -1 snow fox Vip7
-1 miracolus gourd
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