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Default My Delimma and TQ's support

So I decided to take of a year from conquer (school reasons). Thought I would start playing again this new years. Came online only to find out my main was hacked ( don't even know when ). All my +12's gone and my toon is reincarnted to water... Story so far so good? The hacker also found the nerve to bind his 3 accounts to my VIP 4. Story getting better? I have all my info and got my account back and filed a case to TQ. So far I have yet to have gotten a happy ending. As of today:

1. TQ says my account was hacked b/4 6 they can't do anything.....( guess their 2 gig usb drive can't save files past 6 months)
2. TQ says even though its my vip 4 they cannot unbind the hackers accounts cuz i should of checked before binding the hacker accounts cuz its permanent. (wtfyolo?) Btw i did explain to them my account was hacked and i didn't bind those accounts.

So I really have no where to go. Any advice would be great. Right now I just really want my VIP spots back at least... Let me know guys
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