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Default VIP Privlieges

Hi, Iv been a long time player as have a lot of us in this forum. I Have been doing a lot of comparing the VIP Privilege to and from 1 to 7, That being said the System for VIP's 4 to 7 Are Good considering the amount in certain parts of the world, From VIP's 1 to 3 well 1 and 2 are good BUT here's where I find a big problem Not in the system but what's given in return VIP 3's don't get much from 2 to 3. And to upgrade in my country (Canada) Cost Alot would like to see maybe VIP 3s being able to see Either +1s and up And or the quality of items. Im not saying let us auto pick up or auto pick up gold, I'm just trying to better then game for thoses who have to hunt old school and cant afford VIP 4+.

and now recently becoming a parent kids come first and its hard to hunt when theres 100+ auto hunters picking out all the spots.

Thanks for reading, Sincerely A Proud CO Player/Fan
Feel free to throw some input
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