View Poll Results: Should TQ keep CS-CTF garment rewards Unique? (Multiple Choice)
Yes - Keeping them rare gives them more meaning. 4 100.00%
No - Give everyone an equal chance to obtain them. 0 0%
Yes: Posted suggestion will do. 1 25.00%
Yes: But they should be different altogether. 0 0%
Yes: But read thread for my suggestion. 0 0%
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灯泡 Rare CS-CTF Rewards

Should TQ make CS-CTF reward garments different in some way even if its by a simple name and color change to uphold the rarity and meaning to each reward?

More detailed explanation: To keep those unique garment rewards unique TQ should use a variety of colors to keep the CS-CTF garment rewards rare per event. Last CS-CTF the FlameRobe was Red and Gold...So for example this time around why not go Blue and Gold and call it the AquaRobe or something along those lines? Then in the preceding CS-CTF events each can be different, Green and Gold GrassRobe, Purple and Gold SpiritRobe, Black and Gold ShadowRobe, and so on.

PS: I chose to Edit color and name and keep same design so the design will have a meaning associating it with CS-CTF but the colors will help them to stand out and keep them rare per event.

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