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Originally Posted by ~Matt~ View Post
Looking back at NTL history, i was wrong that they didnt use fibre optics, but again, it doesnt state anywhere this is direct to the house, but they confirm that they did this in Norway and Sweden!

Please, prove me wrong, but as far as I am aware (and the internet tends to agree with me here), there is no where in the UK that has had fibre optics direct to the house, without paying for it to be done.

There are a few areas that will be starting trials in the near future.

I'm not trying to start shit with you Euro, I'm just going by facts the ASA and now virgin media have presented me with (and a whole load of other websites that i didn't link you too)
I don't give a shit how many sites and what the ASA say. I was older than you are now when they installed the fibre optics to my house in 1994.

Originally Posted by the_ikky View Post
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