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Default Why must I be master to reborn?

The requirements had been only reach lvl 120 or 110, since when did we have to be master level in the class to reborn?

I am starting to get a back log of monks that need to reborn, but can't because I need moon box tokens, and since I cannot trade my hoard from my alt accounts (who btw, cannot do the quest!) I am hurting bad for moonboxes! Buying them has gotten expensive, and farming for 2 hours to HOPEFULLY get them, or take around 8 hours to do so.

This is so frustrating!

This pain has been felt hard ever since they took away the free bound moonbox away.
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I do the moonbox quest daily to, hopefully, get an elite item to socket my fan. Sometimes it -- the quest -- can take forever (My record is 132 "Since you already have the token ..." after acquiring all 6 tokens and trying to get the Death Tactic. In which case 132 times is freakin' ridiculously insane!), but most times it takes about 20-30 minutes or so. If you were on my server, I'd get one for you. :P
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