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You're absolutely right about that: We cannot compete with automation; it's impossible.

But, yes, every time there's an event, I'm not competing against other legitimate players, I'm competing against bots. Although, some events the bots couldn't get into, such as one of the Easter quests and a Father's Day quest. But if they're out in the open, forget about it ... the bots come out to play and conquer (pun intended lol).

I wouldn't say that TQ, specifically, is creating the bots, but I do believe someone on the inside (one, or possibly more, of the programmers) is giving out information on how to hack the game in order to bot. There's just no way that after a fix, the bots are back the next day without fail. Someone is leaking code ...

Do I believe TQ will get rid of the bots once and for all? Absolutely not! Which, unfortunately for me, means ... my characters will suffer big time because I refuse to buy anymore Point Cards. In a few weeks, I'm going to be the most suckiest level 140 Trojan on all the servers combined. LOL I shouldn't laugh, but it is kind of funny.
"Rule through the fear of force." -- Grand Moff Tarkin
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