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Default A Botter bodyguards

Today, I finally decide to make me an Archer. After the first session of TC orientation, it was time to do the quest for level up and promotion. The first wave of quest in TC and Castle went well without a glitch and got my character to level 50. PC Captain told me I am strong enough and its time for me to go to Ape city to do quest.

Ten minutes into my quest, low and behold, here comes the botters, four of them Ninja zipping around me making it impossible for me to bag any kills. Bad enough i have to hit each monkey 20 times to make a single kill. Annoyed and frustrated, I went on PK mode and started hitting the ninja botters. I only flash blue for a few seconds because i cant kill them.

With that said and done, next thing I knew, there was this heavily geared archer whacked and killed me for no reason at all. Maybe it was done by mistake so i went on and keep doing my business. Each time i hit one of the ninja botters, the archer comes about and kills me like theres no tomorrow. Now im down to level 44, lost 6 percent from 50. I whispered him and let him know that i am just trying to do quest to level up. His response was " Leave the ninjas alone or he will hunt me down and lose more exp." Tried to report to the "NO HELP DESK" again and of course, the usual call back again later is all I get.

Now I am really pissed, I woke up my full +12 Pirate and sent him to the proximity while i hit the ninjas with my Archer. The idiot Archer bodyguard comes around to kill my puny archer, I switch screen and blast him out of the sky with my pistol LOL. Chased and kill all his botting ninjas till i maxed out to 1k PK points, black named. TQ, still no hope for us paying players to have a hotline and report this player botters in a quick fashion? OMG I am asking too much am I?

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