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Default Lets get more people involved!

Okay so it's somewhat quiet here like 90% of the time so I feel like making a new thread with the intention of learning about the players here =)
Just do what I do, but with your info obviously =p

Name: Jake
Character Name: Colossus
Playing time: 6-7 Years
Ambition/Aims on the game: To someday, possibly, get full +12, although +8 would be a good start! =p
Reason for playing: Fast Blade (oh yeah, I'm pro xD) and Friends =)
Best moment on CO: A friend quitting (sad times) and giving me his +8 2 soc helm (good times)
Worst moment on CO: Just after I came back from quitting for a year and finding out like 99% of my friends had quit or changed...
Something interesting about my real life self: I'm a lifeguard, I play the guitar and I used to teach adults Karate =)

So yeah, go crazy! Tell us all about yourselves!

Colossus 125 - 130 - 136
Trojan - Trojan - Trojan
Finally returned to Trojan after taking a year off to be Warrior...

Zale 110-127-130

Mausoleum 130 - 130
Monk - Monk

Dark Server

I'm the mod ya'll!

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