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问题 regards to vip problems

for one last time all vip accounts should be reset so that we can fix some mistakes and utilize our vip accounts but lock em forever. just 1 more redo because i have a lot of vip accounts and when leveled i forgot some of my more important characters to re add. and real vips should be looking for and reporting anyone selling accounts in or out of game and report them. could make for more fair game play to us all for another chance at getting rid of all these cheaters. and if these guys are found to be illegally trading accounts no matter what the vip level should be banned for a week and then permanently if a second time but make sure when they log in to add account to vip that they have to check an acknowledge form that they know trading will be banned forever no matter the vip level and need to put in account password for character being added not just these stupid captions and even make it more appealing to be vip by adding some things like in treasure in the blue vip 6, coins go directly to sash instead of inventory to be dropped for $3,999 we should have some kind of extra chances
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Hello all GM working here , i have big problem someone coming to my cafe net and sell to me Silver Gold i open my VIP Account and trust him for sit in my computer , his player is hacker and It turned out that he stole the silver and sold it for me , Our GM has leave all people taken this silver With me and banned my VIP And big account for only taken 600.K Silver from him , all my need now found Good GM to tell me what is happened and why GM no need believe me and why our hack case GM is not reply for any message why Our hack case GM give many player more chance and not need to give me Chance and hear me If there is anyone here to help me, please help
best wishes
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