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Default i want report GM Phoebe

how i can report GM ? GM-Phoebe’s i am vip 6 with 6250 usd at my account and other one like 1k usd and this gm is friends with a king enamy and this king is aimboting with hes ninja and iam assassin i got bot jail for noon reason and afew poepol got hacked or scamed on my server and noon GM come online but when that king hes girl friend got garment scammed there is 3 GM come online ... sham on you guys that is not the right way to turn the business here and guess what iam a custmer pay money as well

she is friend with that girl on my server in real life as i hard and saw when her garment lost 3 GM come online at my server and now they put my assassin in jail coz we are now enamy with them and coz the king can't kill my assassin one hit after i got epic immunity at chi
and i did even killed him as well to
so now they put me jail and said that i have to re instal the game and there is kinda of viurs at my pc
i will not buy cps any more tell i get reply back for that shit treat i had
from that GM phoebe

any one can help me to make this game fair or u guys gonna late it go ? coz i will not
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