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Default OP'd Warrior Skills?

I have had a go on the warrior skills, but wanted to get your opinions.

Magic Defender - The fact that there's no stamina requirement, is good cause it's meant to be for when facing taoists and you might have no stamina left to fight with. However, it then suffers from the same flaw as the other skill....

Defensive Stance - I haven't had a chance to check out the power of this yet, but if it's anything like XP shield (now useless), it'll be ridiculously strong. It also has no stamina requirements.

Having no stamina requirements means one thing: constant usage.
Warriors can now chain shields, you activate Defensive stance, then when it's running low, you can deactivate and reactivate within 2 seconds. The same works for the magic shield, it has a cooldown of 10 seconds, but lasts 22 seconds at elementary, so you can wait 10 seconds and recast...

So Warriors pretty much unkillable.

Oh yeah, and to make it worse, you can have both skills active at once. Cast Defensive Stance, stand still, and you can have Magic Shield too. For 22 seconds till it runs out. But the cooldown is 10 seconds, so you can immediately recast that one too. Especially as neither has a stamina requirement.
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