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Default 2019 Suggestons Thread !!!

dear all
we go directly to suggestions

for VIPs :
We want Special:
1- Title
2- Garment
3- Mount
we payed so we deserve !!!
for VIPs LVL 4+ :
Auto lot : let us chose for silver like you did for equipment because I don't want to pick up silver it is waste of time!!
let it be optional : silver>sycee>gold>and so on

for VIPs and non VIPs :
1- make all Items Storable like cloud stones , pots we got from Disc City
2- Make event every weak for Grand Boss in a dungeon with Tones Of HP and all players can participate.There should not be allowed to PK the prizes depends on how much damage dealt + all players participate until the grand boss killed will get participant prize fear for all

friends,feel free to add suggestions to this as it is open for all to make one thread for 2019
thanking you in advance
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