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警告 Passion Boxes

GMs, could you guys please make these passion boxes either stackable, or identify the items as an "other" type of item. I have VIP lvl 4 and auto looting these is a pain, because these passion boxes fills my inventories far too quickly, I never use them and I don't plan on spending cps to use them, and I seriously don't have the time to empty my inventories every couple of hours. I have an archer with an 8 page sash and these dang things still fill that up and inventory quite fast. Please make a change with these. Make them stackable for 9999 or some thing. I never autohunt with my other box ticked unless I am hunting for daily quest items. So changing their identifier to other probably would be good too. But the way I think is that the best way to change them up is to make them stackable. Less work for you guys and maybe some other players do autohunt with the other box ticked in their autoloot. Dunno. But please do some thing so that these things are not filling up sashes and inventory so dang quickly. Thanks.
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