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Remove it. End of. 11 29.73%
Remove it and replace with a different non-PVP skill. 11 29.73%
Remove it and replace with a PVP. 4 10.81%
Do nothing to the skill. 8 21.62%
Reduce the skill's abilities - give details. 10 27.03%
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Originally Posted by +8ioShock+ View Post
FatalStrike is still adding up a massive amount of damage, so slowing it down, or even making it last until 32 kills, both are good ideas, because normal players would still use the benefits of that skill, due to massive damage, and if a ninja would not be able to move, for 0.5 seconds, that would kill bots, as they were mostly just standing still, but normal players would still go on, unless they 1hit the monsters(0.5 second delay would only come up if a monster dies, not after every single strike.) But guys who 1hit monsters anyway, don't need fatalstrike, because they actually level faster whitout it.
Have you even played a ninja? All these delays in game already slow me down to where I can not keep my ninja skill going unless everything is perfect. Perfect amount of snows, No players killing mobs around me, etc. If there were any more delays my exp would suffer, and to answer your question, I one hit monsters and so do many other players.

A decent idea would be to look at how bots travel through maps since it seems like they use game exploits to do so it shouldn't be hard to sort out. Develop a way to stop those exploits in the game and you've at least delayed any progress the bots can make until they can re-code their bot to travel legitimately.
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