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omniue Ordinary Player -- showing a lot of promise

If TQ banned all the IP addy's of the botters & hacker that they know about then they would lose 80 percent of there staff as they would all get IP banned, so to ban all the botter TQ would need to fire most the staff.
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91User169603 Ordinary Player -- showing a lot of promise

omniue there staff do not bot lol
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starride Ordinary Player -- showing a lot of promise

No, their staff may eventually selling inside info or even the bot itself, but not doing it.
That would be silly. And we know TQ made a bot game from the start.
Its posted before, all around the VIP and STD forums.

But the problem is: It is out of control, too much, went too far!

A war can't be won if ideas aren't put to words first.
It takes time, effort and a lot of people to turn the course of things.
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there takes no time to implement a full Validation system that allows you to play upto say level 70? it seems a fair level to me for people to see what the game is about as the new players wont get level 70 in 2mins like the rest of us, and each account have to be Validated to be able to continue to log into that account, it would slow them down abit at least and in the long run is the systems are kept a check of they will be able to see if there are bots being made in mass or not and if they are that person is spending far to much time creating accounts and is just going to see a ban for mass accounting, you could also stop this by Limiting each email to 5 accounts. who needs more than 5 accounts... as you can just delete and go over any old accounts, also an extra limit on top of this which only allows an email to create these user names a month apart from each other.. the system would be easy as you mad see from Turbines games Triumph and alot of others manage to hold out there accounts at free play to level 20 or so and then its no longer free and limited to things, these systems are very very easy and would very much sort there bot problems but they are just always trying to think out of the box and as you can all see there are slowly making things better but they are still overloading us with silly events that are not needed so much(they are fun sometimes but slow down abit) think more about the services and the game itsself rather than the updates to keep us intrested im happy with the way things are going but the emails are very very behind now the GM's decided to start slacking yet again there is alot of work to be done with one simple mind it could be done but it seems TQ dont take into effect that we have just as much thought behind this game we play as there programmers if not more as we actaully have love for the game and not the money they need to start Lisening to the forums they put in place for the reason of others to be heard!
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