View Poll Results: Does jumping all over the screen while fighting truly show skill and power?
Yes 22 73.33%
No 8 26.67%
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Originally Posted by mortar4you2 View Post
If they're running like a noob then why not use a noob tactic to kill them =p

Bring on the Pzap! lol
lolz sooo if i'm archer on the ground 600 pointing the crap outa you when i "COULD" be flying your gonna cheep shot me? hmmm thats nice to know maybe I should just join the club and quit attempting to fight fair.... oh and fyi the reason their dodging is because 10 to 1 you made up ur mind to use noob crap to kill them before entering the arena in the first place lolz....

real pvpers have their own personal rules and if they loose by them they loose...
I only use ss with tro in 1 vs 1 pvp... yeah I have a pzn blade yeah I have herc but I wouldn't want to look like you guys at the end of a fight lolz
Words are just dust in the wind.

Having gears is one thing. Having skills is another.
Having both and not abusing them is true power.
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Originally Posted by User450686567 View Post
Lmfao best Fast Blader on our server???
Dude I can hit you 17-2, then you rage and f***ing Herc because your a p****.

You made me laugh so hard you mega pot n00b...
Seriously just STFU. No one likes you, no one cares what you have to say. You can flame all day and it ain't gonna bother anyone because we all know you are the one who sucks.

But to Kadafi, I would say you are the 4th best FBer on Basilisk

1. FujiSyuusuke
2. Yomi
3. Kuronue
4. Kurama

But for meee! I'M THE BEST NADOER ON BASILISK. NANANA HERE COME SHIFT SCREEN. No seriously, if you are a fire and you want to come fight me, feel free. Just don't be surprised if you cant even see me

As for jumping, the people who run a whole match to win by points are just noobs. The people who run to dodge your attacks, and successfully dodge are not noob. They show a great amount of skill to be able to dodge that many attacks.

Edit: Oh and for you noobs who will start flaming me saying nado takes no skill, I agree. But successfully shift screening without being hit and dodging EVERY attack coming at you does take skill
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