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Default some thing warring on your company

Account Login ID: ala55555
Server Name: HangingGardens
Character Name: BeaT^OF^WaR
i am stay Play:2003-to-2009
i am quit games and not online all account on 2009.
i get more message from TQ Net Dragon web soft .
Thank you very interesting case and, unfortunately, because I'm going to publish it now, participation in resolving the issues I mean every day strongly I'm sad because my account banned sale items in the game repeatedly tried to explain to officials and translation of their language Arabic to the English and you can not trust someone who is very old in the game and the client, unfortunately, I think that all accounts are protected in the company, but someone stole all items from all older accounts will introduce you now ,
The broad cast one: sell my estf and estf my arsher and my noop and my wioror in gameNow will explain to you in detail the translation from Arabic into the English languageTranslation Arabic to English : sell my items and my items Archer and my noop and my Warrior in game "Broad cast two: ana bab3 kol 7agh m3aya al 3ayz 0107751365Translation Arabic to English : i sell ever thing i have anyone need 0107551365 Yes i am very sad , Yes I am very sad and yet I can not prove my innocence, because you do not want that you wish that you help me I hope to win many tasks in the game I was hoping to see a good treatment I do not want is that you can get me if you actually want to help me beg you to see the word in the game I do not want anything but the God I can not endurance plead no anything to play my feelings, because I really love and the love of the game and do not want to go out and I will prove my innocence calf The later and thank you and I hope that I feel that I actually send GM,Thanks i hope help me
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Hello Sir
thank so much for not reply to my message ,
i submit more and more hack case from your web site :
i need only show me any proof show my other account id: gamalgamal955 sent fake link programs and scammed your other players , we would you know my other account have full 2 sockets full +8 And +7 , we don't need to scammed your noops players ,because i have many account full +12 and my son have +8 two sockets items, show me any proof and i will leave and closed this case for ever,Thanks for your help and not reply to me ,
i will leave my case to web master GM , I hope attention
Thank you for your understanding and not to respond and that is what makes me very happy because you do not have anything other than a ban because my son sat in the Internet Cafe you told you repeatedly that subject but there is someone who understands the English language that I wish to consider the issues of interest
Best wishes

i have more and more account VIP level 7 And 6 And 5 .

i am playing Conquer in: 2004 .

i have 4 account full 2 sockets +12 - 7 .[ monk level 140. And Water level 135 And Pirates level 129 . And Trojan level 140] All full 2 sockets full +12.

All Total purchase card: 12,000USD.
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