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Default What class Combo are you and why?

Hay i'm just wondering which classes everyone plays and why they choose that path. =3

i shall start

I'm a Ninja -Trojan - Monk,

You shall think why not Warrior in the middle for reflect.
I Choose this combo since i don't Pk and play this game peacefully.

Ninja -> Fog helps draining hp from mobs (Kinda useless against bosses so i might chance this to water in the near Future)
Trojan -> Cyclone, Why? as u can see i don't pk and i'm a monk, i like to go to Bosses Like SwordMaster, TeratoDragon, Spook and Banshee. Cyclone helps hitting Much and much faster =D
Monk -> TRIPPLE ATTACK Combine this with Cyclone, Heavyring and all atributes in Agility O.O Thats hella fast boss slaying =D

I'm Curious about your combo aswell let us know which path u choos and tell us something about it ^^
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