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Default Conquer online 3.0 Mining

Hey all,

I wanted to know if people in CO3.0 mine anymore, is there a point to it? Sometimes it is okay for passive income (gold) but lets be straight, very few people are mining for gold, they want the DBs the gems etc.

I have been absent from CO since I dunno 2012. So long in fact it took me 2 days to retrace all the Accounts I owned to find my wife character in-game.

Since coming back one of the very first things I've noticed is the change to mining. (found here:

The second thing I noticed when I came back was a complete and utter lack of anyone in the mines, I have gone from mine to mine (including the TC mine with a low level char) and found it completely empty.
I know that even back in 2012 when I played very frequently the likelihood of finding gems was extraordinarily rare, but as of now I am not even seeing PKers come in, which can only indicate that the mining system revamp or the mining system itself is a complete dead-end and no one has anymore interest in it.

I am interested in getting the opinion of this community (i would of created this on the general CO forums but back in 2012 or before then I got into a bit of a tussle with a Moderator over some Ninja feature or something and was subsequently perma banned for it, which i regret).

My questions to the VIP community
1: Is mining relevant anymore on your servers? or is completely dead?
2: If you are a miner, have you found any of the goods that the CO website suggests can be found via the new mining system?
3: I noticed on the link provided above, there is only reference to 2 gems now. Super Dragon/Tortoise Gem is this a typo? or is this legitimately the only gems that can be mined and only quality it can be mined at?

I want to thank all in advance for their response.
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