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Originally Posted by Kaiichi View Post
Air because it flows in and around everything.

These terms follow basic lines of martial arts as well. In which case i practice a little of all of them.

Here are the basic principles of each as they relate to martial arts.

Be like fire, and strike quickly, with precision.
Be like water and flow with your surroundings and your opponent.
Be like earth and overcome your opponent with unsurpassed power.
Be like air; when the strike comes, do not be there.
I too am a martial artist...the element of fire has always been very powerful to me.

All elements can destroy each other in ways when you look at it. Fire for example: enough fire will evaporate water, eanough fire will fill the air with smoke, enough fire will scorch the earth and all that grows out of it or dwells on it...with this being said and fire being the most destructive...Fire
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