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Hello Sir
thank so much for not reply to my message ,
i submit more and more hack case from your web site :
i need only show me any proof show my other account id: gamalgamal955 sent fake link programs and scammed your other players , we would you know my other account have full 2 sockets full +8 And +7 , we don't need to scammed your noops players ,because i have many account full +12 and my son have +8 two sockets items, show me any proof and i will leave and closed this case for ever,Thanks for your help and not reply to me ,
i will leave my case to web master GM , I hope attention
Thank you for your understanding and not to respond and that is what makes me very happy because you do not have anything other than a ban because my son sat in the Internet Cafe you told you repeatedly that subject but there is someone who understands the English language that I wish to consider the issues of interest
Best wishes

i have more and more account VIP level 7 And 6 And 5 .

i am playing Conquer in: 2004 .

i have 4 account full 2 sockets +12 - 7 .[ monk level 140. And Water level 135 And Pirates level 129 . And Trojan level 140] All full 2 sockets full +12.

All Total purchase card: 12,000USD.
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