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Default Character salesystem

Allow characters to become a commodity.

You`ve added too much into the game for new people to start up fresh. It would take years and years to possibly catch up.

This gives more players a way to cash in while grinding and minimize the scamming.

Just add a npc where I can click "sell this char" and set the price; let other chars click the npc and view char info; all stats, bj records etc and asking price. Just add a confirmation email for this to the chars registered email.

If I click buy; I make sure I have enough cps, enter my email through double confirmation, then TQ sends an email at the email I wrote and I have to click "yes I agree to buying this account for xxx cps" which then finalizes the buy and all account info is reset and linked to that email, the account is dc`ed and now a temporary password\username is sent to the email etc...Make it a 215 cps commission or % based commission so noobs can also cash in.

I cant see how this would be bad.

Theres already people selling chars which people buy, but currently they can possible scam people..which will only discourage new players if it ever happens.

Now we got;
-2nd reborn
-Lvl 140
-Jiang Hu
-Champion Arena
-Epic Weapons

All quests that has a daily limit like some Stalin run bs. It would take YEARS and then god knows what else TQ would have added.

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