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From June 17th to June 30th, every player will be given the chance to play the Magic Board and win some awesome prizes! If you are lucky enough, you may also be able to win quintuple prizes and even an iPhone 5!

There are 21 squares on the Magic Board and the further you move, the better prizes you will be able to win! If you stop on the “x2”, “x3” or “x5” square, it means you will win DOUBLE, TRIPLE, or QUINTUPLE prizes on your next move!

If you run out of moves halfway, you can earn Credits to continue from where you stop. There is a 500 CP prize at the finish line. If your last move goes beyond this square, you CAN still win this prize! After that, you will be sent back to start, where you can begin a new round!

To know the detailed rules as well as make your moves on the Magic Board, please log onto the event page!
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